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Gartner’s Emergent Architecture – Is this really a new approach?

by | August 15, 2009

On August 11th, Gartner announced a “new approach for enterprise architecture” that they labelled “Emergent Architecture”.  I got a chance to read some responses from Todd Biske, Mike Rollings, and Dion Hinchcliffe.  Thanks for the great insights and commentary. In the press release, Bruce Robertson, Gartner Research VP states the two characteristics of “Emergent EA”:… Read more »

EA Communication Plan Development

by | July 20, 2009

Serge Thorn wrote an excellent post called “Development of an Enterprise Architecture Communication Plan“. I really enjoyed the read and completely agree that communication is a key success factor for the success of any enterprise architecture practice. In the post, Serge set the stage by making a case for why a communication plan is key:… Read more »

What good looks like … follow-up

by | May 25, 2009

Alan Inglis posted about What good looks like from a solutions architecture perspective.  How do you create a solution for a new project without creating architecture that already exists or making the same mistakes that previous projects made? This is a must read post and I recommend it. Alan described 10 artefacts that he would expect… Read more »