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SEMM Forum 2010 Notes 6

by | December 4, 2010

Getting Human Online: Making Your Voice Stand Out on the Social Web Howard Kang, Ignition Officer BlueFuego Inc Explosive growth of the web and the information available to people anytime, anywhere – 40,000% growth in 10 years Accessibility to well known people have radically decreased with the use of social media Communication is fast and… Read more »

SEMM Forum 2010 Notes 5

by | December 4, 2010

The Path from High School to Higher Ed: Insights into Student Decision Making Suzanne Tyson – President – Studentawards Inc – http://studentawards.com/ Free service for students to find scholarships that are suited to them.  Over 1.8 million students have registered over 13 years. Ran a survey of over 2500 high school students … Students and… Read more »

SEMM Forum 2010 Notes 4

by | December 3, 2010

Career Services and Retention: The Academic Connection Tony Botelho – SFU First semester is key to address career and academic goals with students because 2 out of 3 students say the most important reason for attending post secondary is to prepare for a specific job or career or to get a good job. Look at… Read more »

SEMM Forum 2010 Notes 3

by | December 2, 2010

A Framework for Retention – Dr Jim Black Integrated Retention – use a matrix – student risk vs experience risk (factors can be controlled or influenced but not both) Address institutional risk factor – high exp/low student institutional & individual action required – high exp/high student no intervention required – low exp/low student individual intervention… Read more »

SEMM Forum 2010 Notes 2

by | December 2, 2010

Branding and Recruitment: Two Sides of the Coin Mary Dila Brainstorm Strategy Group Discussion on “what is a brand” example of the Nike swoosh – in itself is not a brand many definitions – needs to fit with the parameters of your institution – gurus talk and write about an “emotional response” to an institution… Read more »

SEMM Forum 2010 Notes 1

by | November 29, 2010

Strategic Enrolment Marketing and Management Forum 2010 I attended this forum last Monday November 22, 2010 and decided to blog my notes.  Hope you find them helpful.  Leo Innovations in Enrolment Management – Dr Jim Black, President and CEO of SEM WORKS Being Strategic – referenced book The Fifth Discipline (reality to vision) – do… Read more »