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Microsoft Canadian Colleges Exec Briefing – Data Center Management

by | February 2, 2011

Rick Bakken, Senior Director, Data Center Evangelism, Microsoft Corporation Delivering Infrastructure to the Cloud Data Center Innovation – asked the question “Why are we building giant refrigerators for our data centers?”  In the Chicago data center, there are two floors.  Top floor is standard raised floor and the bottom floor is container based servers.  Made a decision… Read more »

Gartner’s Emergent Architecture – Is this really a new approach?

by | August 15, 2009

On August 11th, Gartner announced a “new approach for enterprise architecture” that they labelled “Emergent Architecture”.  I got a chance to read some responses from Todd Biske, Mike Rollings, and Dion Hinchcliffe.  Thanks for the great insights and commentary. In the press release, Bruce Robertson, Gartner Research VP states the two characteristics of “Emergent EA”:… Read more »

Adaptive Leadership in EA

by | July 14, 2009

Andy Blumenthal wrote a great post “Adaptive Leaders Rule the Day“. In his post, Andy reviewed a Harvard Business Review July 2009 article “Leadership in a (Permanent) Crisis” and commented on the article’s insights on adaptive leadership. I really liked Andy’s quote “Leaders need a proverbial “toolkit” of successful behaviors to succeed and even more… Read more »

Discussing a Technology Lifecycle Taxonomy

by | April 30, 2008

Tomorrow, I will be asking my peers in the Internet2 ITANA – IT Architects in Academia to do a peer review of a Technology Lifecycle taxonomy that we use at BCIT. As we developed our Enterprise Architecture, we needed a way to communicate not only the lifecycle of initiatives and technology but also their viability.… Read more »