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The Monday Report Builds Understanding and Collaboration

by | April 3, 2012

I have 24 direct reports and always find it hard to get a good understanding of what each of them do on a weekly basis.  A few weeks ago, I retweeted about a post that might help. Frank Addante (@FrankAddante), founder and CEO of the Rubicon project wrote a post for Inc.com that has really helped… Read more »

The Tipping Point to Mobile

by | March 18, 2012

As I read my Twitter feed on my smartphone, I believe we are on a tipping point to mobile.  More and more websites recognize that I am using a mobile device and are serving up there content for a mobile experience.  I really appreciate this feature so I can keep up with trending topics and learn… Read more »

Twitter: My Social Media Swiss Army Knife

by | February 21, 2012

My Twitter account is @leodesousa and I am a huge fan of Twitter.  I started tweeting on March 20, 2008 after reading about Twitter on a blog that I was following.  In that time, I have tweeted over 8600 times and average about 6 tweets a day.  Almost one third of my tweets are part of a conversation with someone… Read more »

Full Disclosure, A Favourited Tweet Does Not Mean I Read It … Yet

by | January 20, 2012

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Twitter. Twitter provides the medium for my tailored news source (I find out about world events on Twitter faster than any of the regular news outlets), my 24×7 global support base (see my post The Evolution of My Global Network) and my notetaker (this attempt… Read more »

Response to: The Progressive CIO’s Model for Project Success

by | May 17, 2011

I scanned my Twitter feed on Monday May 16th and found a post by Todd Williams called The Progressive CIO’s Model for Project Success.  After the last couple of months of having to put our IT Services PMO team in place to rescue “business” led projects, I am compelled to question approach proposed by Todd.… Read more »

SGHE Summit – Millennial, Metrics and the New Media

by | April 27, 2010

Millennial, Metrics and the New Media – John Della Volpe (@dellavolpe) Millenials are a Big Deal Millenials = 13 to 30 year olds, they are the largest generation in human history and they have a significant impact on the economy This generation has trust issues – especially with traditional media and old institutions and they… Read more »

The Cult of the Done Manifesto – perfect is not the goal

by | November 16, 2009

This morning Jon Ayre (@EnterprisingA) tweeted: #EAMantra (11) Failing to deliver perfection is not a crime. Failing to deliver is. Something I totally agree with, especially if you have been following my blog and the theme of building an EA practice that delivers value using a virtual team. Tyler Gooch (@tylergooch) then sent a response… Read more »

What are your EA Services?

by | June 22, 2009

Todd Biske asked this on Twitter “What are your EA services? In other words, what are the major functions your EA term performs and/or markets to the rest of the enterprise?”  He followed up with the following Ideas for EA Services: Architecture Review Service (could be on-demand, could be required) Project consulting (i.e. act as,… Read more »