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Is it really “Zachman’s Fatal Flaw”?

by | July 12, 2010

My friend Nick Malik wrote a post – Zachman’s Fatal Flaw: No Row for Customer.  Here is my response … Do I believe that Zachman’s Framework is fatally flawed?  No. It all depends on your perspective and that to me is defined by your EA maturity.  How we view and evaluate models and frameworks depends… Read more »

Thinking about frameworks and geometry

by | January 15, 2009

Mike Kavis‘ got me thinking about EA frameworks with his Twitter posts about the E2AF. The Zachman Framework was my first introduction to an EA framework in 2004 and it continues as a significant reference model for how I think about EA. Here is a slide of the Zachman Framework Version 2.  The geometry of Zachman sits in one and two dimensions. For… Read more »

Time flies when you are having fun …

by | April 12, 2008

On Friday, I hit an anniversary of sorts … it has been 3 years since my organization formally established the Enterprise Architect position, that I have been in.  In Sept 2007, I moved from a senior staff member to management and was able to elevate EA leadership to the management level. Even though I feel… Read more »

EA Model V.2

by | June 22, 2007

Two years ago, Dave Cresswell and I came up with a graphic to represent Enterprise Architecture @ BCIT. We needed a simple graphic to communicate EA and also knew that showing our senior Executive the Zachman Framework was too complex. Here is first draft EA model: and Version 1 : At that point, I was… Read more »