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by | August 13, 2011

I saw a tweet from Bill Owen containing a link to The Email Charter.  The charter has 10 rules to “reverse the email spiral”.  This is really great stuff and we need to get the word out.   I wrote a post titled Focus on Your Commitments – A New Way to Work which explains a way to use your Outlook email client as a productivity tool.  By combining the 10 rules from the Email Charter with the techniques I presented in my blog post, I expect to save even more time.

Here are the 10 Rules

  1. Respect Recipients’ Time
  2. Short or Slow is not Rude
  3. Celebrate Clarity
  4. Quash Open-Ended Questions
  5. Slash Surplus cc’s
  6. Tighten the Thread
  7. Attack Attachments
  8. Give These Gifts : EOM, NNTR
  9. Cut Contentless Responses
  10. Disconnect

Take a look, start using the rules and spread the word!

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