The future is already here … can we keep up?

by | November 15, 2007

I ran into two excellent videos in the past couple of weeks … both force us to think and talk about the challenges today, globally and locally at our institutions.

For Enterprise Architects, the videos provide a clear imperative that we need a broad vision, an ability to manage change and the agility to deliver technology to serve the needs of our constituents … particularly in Higher Education.

Shift Happens – by Karl Fisch, modified by Scott McLeod – speaks to globalization and the impact it will have on the world – How can North America and Europe keep up with the growth in China and India?

A Vision of Students Today – by Michael Wesch and the students of Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Class of Spring 2007, Kansas State University – speaks to the challenges and lives of students in Higher Education – Are we really delivering education to suit our students’ needs?
After looking at the videos several times over, I am inspired and daunted by what our future brings. How about you?

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