Time Flies When You are Having Fun

by | September 13, 2010

Over the past month, I hit a couple of career milestones.  On August 31, 2010, I completed my 18th year of service at British Columbia Institute of Technology. On Sept 4, 2010, I completed 3 years as the Manager, Business Application Services and Enterprise Architecture in the Information Technology Services department at BCIT.  I also will be attending my 30th high school reunion this month … not sure where the time is going!

Time flies and working in Higher Education has been very rewarding. In Aug 1992, I joined BCIT as an Intermediate Systems Analyst.  I was hired for my expertise with Information Builders FOCUS mainframe 4GL language.  My role was to work on the various reporting and application systems built in FOCUS running on an IBM mainframe.  By 1996, we became concerned about Y2K and its impact on the mainframe.  We also implemented the Finance module in our ERP to compliment the Student module installed in 1992.  I worked on a project with a colleague to bring a SQL based reporting platform to BCIT.  I began to read about the works of Bill Inmon and his ideas about data warehouses and the Corporate Information Factory as well as the first exposure to the father of Enterprise Architecture, John Zachman.   Little did I know how much Zachman would influence my career.

After surviving Y2K (we must have done a good job because there was no catastrophe), I got introduced to Ralph Kimball and his star schema approach to data marts and data warehousing in 2002.  Soon after in 2004, a new opportunity came up as part of an Institute Strategic plan to integrate technology in our teaching, learning, research and business practices – Technology Enabled Knowledge.  Several of us were sent on John Zachman and Stan Locke’s 5 day EA Master class.  After taking the course, I knew I had found an field (to me) that encompassed all the things I had experienced in my career to date. I applied for the new position of Enterprise Architect and got it! I have been passionate in leading the development of our Enterprise Architecture practice and finding a way to tie it to our organizational goals and strategies.  You can find much of our work on this blog.

I am now taking on a new challenge (while still working full time) to attain a Masters of Science in Information Management from Syracuse University.  I know I will be blogging much more on this.  Enough for now … time for homework!

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