Trying Twitter as My Notetaker

by | March 24, 2009

I am attending the SunGard HE Summit Conference in Philadelphia, PA this week. I taught a 2 hour EA Intro workshop, that I will blog on later and am on a panel session about our work in redesigning the Student information system using SOA and UX.

I am trying something new at this conference; using Twitter as my notetaker (my Twitter name is leodesousa). I am using my own tag #sghes09 and tweeting on the content of the sessions I attended. I will be using TwitterSearch to pull all of my tweets together and see if I can get a chronological log of my conference experience and learnings. Note SunGard HE is on twitter and are using the #sghesummit tag. Stay tuned …

Here is the Twitter Search to get my timeline of notes (I messed up a couple times with my personal tag):

One thought on “Trying Twitter as My Notetaker

  1. Leo de Sousa Post author

    After revisiting this post, I have concluded that Twitter is a failure (for me) as a notetaking app. The tweets become too verbose and clutter my Twitter stream and those of the great people who follow me. I have reverted to taking notes in a blog post and then posting a tweet to direct people to the notes. Cheers!


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