What are your EA Services?

by | June 22, 2009

Todd Biske asked this on Twitter “What are your EA services? In other words, what are the major functions your EA term performs and/or markets to the rest of the enterprise?”  He followed up with the following Ideas for EA Services:

  1. Architecture Review Service (could be on-demand, could be required)
  2. Project consulting (i.e. act as, or assist, project/solution architect)
  3. Strategic Architecture Services (to-be architecture)
  4. Architectural Reference Services (development of reference artifacts)
  5. Architectural Standards Services (official standards, similar, but more official/specific to Reference Services)
  6. Architectural Research Services

He ended with “What else should be on the list, or what items should be changed?”

We publish a Core Service Catalogue to articulate what our IT Services Department delivers to BCIT. We talk about this as our default service level agreement to the Institute. We currently are on Version 4 of the catalogue.

In the Core Service Catalogue, we included an Enterprise Architecture key core service to help our clients in the BCIT community understand what EA activites are available.

Here is the list of EA activities we defined:

  • Developing, documenting and publishing the Enterprise Architecture for business and technology at BCIT by:
    • continuously aligning technology with changing goals and objectives of the institution
    • providing common language to understand the value IT solutions can bring
    • allowing IT Services to more strategically and effectively support the institution with an agile IT architecture
  • Providing Enterprise Architecture approval as part of project management methodology
  • Providing Enterprise Architecture approval as part of the change management process
  • Providing early guidance to departments by conducting concept reviews
  • Providing consulting and recommendations for delivering technology or process to support business services
  • Establish, implement and publish Architectural Standards
  • Advocating the value proposition of Enterprise Architecture

Now that I have seen Todd’s list and we are hitting the review date for our EA Key Core Service, I will be leading a review of our Core Service Catalogue entry.  I will publish the new version once it goes to production. Thanks Todd for helping us grow the maturity of our EA Services.

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