What is Business as Usual for IT Work Intake?

by | March 30, 2018

Our Technology Services Team at the City of Vancouver continues to evolve and improve how we can manage work requests. We established an IT Work Intake process that funnels all work requests into one backlog queue.  Note these requests that are not break fix requests as those are already handled by our ITIL Incident Management process.

Moving from an organization that worked in a first come first served approach to a managed work intake process has had its bumps.  Some of the bumps relate to the maturity of our processes and some are bumps related to changing how we engage with our clients and stakeholders.   Culture is always the most difficult thing to change and we have received push back on how the process works.  I look at the push backs as opportunities for us to improve.

One of my colleagues asked for some advice this week on how to describe what “business as usual” (BAU) requests would look like for application development. We continue to look for ways to more effectively and efficiently complete work for our clients.  Our goal is to allow our developers to pick up a request from the backlog and get to work without the extra need to conduct budget requests, architecture reviews and privacy impact assessments.

In order to do that, we need to have a way to determine what a BAU request is.  Here are some quick questions that we came up with that should be asked of each request.

Work Intake Review Questions

  1. Does the request require allocation of budget to complete?
  2. Does the request change the architecture of the system that the request if for?
  3. Does the request impact the existing protection of personal identifiable information or privacy?
  4. Does the request require a cross-functional team to work on it?
  5. Does the request launch a new service or capability?
  6. Does the request fulfillment impact the delivery of an approved project or program?

When reviewing the request, if the answer was YES to any of the above, then the request is NOT business as usual and the request goes into a formal Discovery process.

What are your thoughts on this?  Is this too simplistic? Did we miss something?  How does your organization handle BAU requests?

2 thoughts on “What is Business as Usual for IT Work Intake?

  1. Moiz Veravalwala

    Interesting. Has adopting this slowed down request fulfillment times for requesters?

    1. Leo de Sousa Post author

      Yes fulfillment times slowed. Just to set the context, this is not for break-fix or service outages. The positive that we have seen is that instead of fulfilling whatever request comes in, we are now taking a disciplined approach to fulfill the right requests. Think of it as finding the right thing to do and then doing it right.


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